Tarsila Schubert

Tarsila Schubert is born in Brazil in 1987.
She lives and works among Dubai, Los Angeles and Arraial D’Ajuda (Brasile). She has as inspiration the essence of the multi-diverse cultural background that she comes from.

Tarsila paints freely in style and technique always trusting her ideas, she defends freedom in every way and her art is her vehicle to carry this message. Her artworks blends all the different emotional and mental inputs which we confront everyday.

She has collaborated in the years past with brands such as but not limited to: Hermès, Chrysler, Adidas, Red Bull, Unilever, Dell, Samsung, Ipanema, Levi’s and Microsoft and Bloomingdale’s . She has been living in the Middle East for 11 years and through art she broke the negative paradigms about woman who live and works in the region.
Her artworks have been exhibited worldwide and created many murales including in the USA, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Japan, UK, France, Spain, Cambodia, Lebanon, UAE, Kuwait and Jordan.

List of selected shows