ERIC WHITE was born in 1968 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Today he lives and works in Brooklyn.

Over the last few years his paintings have met with international acclaim, with shows in leading galleries and museums around the world, including, between others, Jeffrey Deitch Project and Gladstone Gallery in New York.
Eric White’s paintings reference 20th century film, music and pop culture.
His approach to figuration is both beautiful and disturbing.
His paintings are constructed from elements of our collective consciousness, overflowing with an entropic visual overload.
Whether expressed blatantly or in a subtler manner, his work attempts to tap into those realities and dimensions that exist beyond the fringe of our perception.

In 2010 he received a fellowship for painting from the New York Foundation for the Arts. His imagery is appreciated by many collectors, including some movie stars and personalities from the world of popular music.

Amongst his numerous solo shows we remember: in 2020, Bad Reception, Grimm Gallery, Amsterdam, NL; in 2019, Inoperative Halo, Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, DK; in 2018, Triage, Grimm Gallery, New York, NY; Relics, Grimm Gallery, New York, NY; in 2016, Monaural, Grimm Gallery, Amsterdam, NL; 1/3-Scale Retrospective, Colette, Paris, FR; in 2015, New Works, Serge Sorokko Gallery, San Francisco, CA; in 2014, Down in Front, Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea, Milan, IT; in 2013, All Of This Has Not Occurred, Martha Otero Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Magic Kingdom, Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, DK; in 2012, Transmission, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York, NY; in 2011: Automatic, Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea, Milan, IT; in 2009, LP, Sloan Fine Art, New York, NY; in 2008, New Paintings, Quality Pictures, Portland, OR; in 2004, Who Are Parents?, Earl McGrath Gallery, New York, NY; in 2001, Pink Bits & The Glory of Autumn, La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; in 1999, Motion Pictures, Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

He was also featured in several group shows, amongst which we remember: in 2018, Melted City 5, Blanc Galery, Quezon City, RP; Auto-Didactic, Petersen Museum, Los Angeles, CA; Once Upon a Time in America, Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, DK; A Tree Falls in the Woods, Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco, CA; in 2016, The Oasis, Gitler & _____, New York, NY; Beautiful Dreamers, Spazio Parini, Como, IT; The Armory Show, Grimm Gallery, Amsterdam, NL; The Persistent Nature of Urgency, Mason Gallery, New York, NY; in 2015, The Nothing That Is, Contemporary Art Museum, Raleigh, NC; She Sells Seashells by the Seashore, Eric Firestone Gallery, East Hampton, NY; in 2014, Masterworks: Defining a New Narrative, Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA; in 2013, Totally Gay For Sports, The Lodge Gallery, New York, NY; Vitruvius, Martha Otero Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Risqué, Long Beach Museum of Art, Ling Beach, CA; in 2012, Icons, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI; Double Dirty Dozen, Freight + Volume Gallery, New York, NY; Apocalypse, Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg, GER; in 2011, Die Like You Really Mean It, Allegra LaViola Gallery, New York, NY; Bitches Brew: New Art from New York, Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, DK; Japan We Love You, Open House Gallery, New York, NY; in 2010, Postermat, The Hole, New York, NY; Fantasilandia, Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea, Milan, IT; 50 Ways To Keep Your Lover, Galleri S.E., Bergen, NOR; in 2009, Apocalypse Wow, MACRO Museum, Rome, IT; in 2008, Aspect Ratio, Irvine Contemporary, Washington, DC; in 2007, The Sheltering Sky, Black & White Gallery, New York, NY.