RUSS POPE (1970, USA) lives and works in New Hampshire

Russ Pope has been a skateboarder since age 5, and has never abandoned that world, he owns a skateboard brand today that is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary (Transportation Unit) and was the founder of Creature Skateboards. Russ has directed and executive produced many important skateboarding films through his years in the industry. He has deep roots in skateboardings aesthetic and history.
Russ regularly designs for and collaborates with commercial partners. Most recently designing products and making illustrations for the likes of Disney, Cole Haan, K2 Ski corp, Major League Baseball, & Stance. Russ also is a regular contributor to Juxtapoz magazine writing about his travels andsharing drawings and photographs from his global journeys.
Russ has often taken the role of curator, whether building shows for himself with fellow artists at Shepard Fairey’s gallery Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles or selecting artists for commercial opportunities in the skate, surf and fashion space.
Russ focuses primarily on the unpredictability (and sometimes predictability) of everyday life, reporting on those days with wit and intimacy. He enjoys putting people and places into context and fostering the circulation of ideas and narratives. His impressionist attitude is balanced by his use of color and contour lines. He is a steadfast creator, sharing daily reportings of his life through a prolific output of drawings which often become the subject of paintings, you can count on regular visual offerings from him day to day and year to year.

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